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Sat Dec 13 04:30:56 CET 2008

On Sat, Dec 13, 2008 at 4:13 AM, Bobby Martin <bobbymartin2 at> wrote:
> As much as I hate to chime in on such a busy and unproductive thread...
> When the GTA02 was sold, it was *for developers only*.  It was very clear on
> the site.  The software is not done.  It is not stable.  (That said, there
> are software versions that give you good, stable access to most or all of
> the hardware for most people.  They're just hard to find, and are different
> for different HW releases.)
> If it turns out that the hardware can't work reasonably as a phone
> regardless of software, then FR owners may have a legitimate grievance.  (I
> only have a GTA01).  Until that time, you got what was advertised.  Even if
> my hardware can't work reasonably as a phone, I got what was advertised :-)

There are still hardware problems that exist with almost every
freerunner out there (GPS signal levels, for one). I would like to see
them fixed by Openmoko, Inc.

> And remember, you people who rushed out to buy a phone because it was open,
> even with no stable software  - there are people who responded to
> frustrations in the direction by fixing the things they didn't like.  See
> SHR, Debian, FDOM, etc.
> I grow frustrated with the directions OM takes and the priorities they have
> sometimes, and I blow off steam in IRC.  I try to do it when/where no OM
> devs are hanging out, because I think they're doing a hard job and don't
> have control of the things that frustrate me.  Bitching to people about
> things they're working on when they can't do anything about the stuff you're
> griping about just lowers their morale, which is counterproductive.

I get that. At the same time, you realize that the frustration is
totally vented towards Openmoko's management. Let me say this again:
Do not hijack this thread towards open source, or productivity or

> I really do think the OM devs are doing a good job on a task that is very
> difficult, and they get a lot of grief for it.  I just want to say thanks.
> That's my whole reason for posting - to thank Andy, Harald, etc. etc. in the
> OM group, Lorn, etc. of Trolltech, mwester, Julien, quickdev, MarcOChapeau,
> etc. of the community.  I apologize for all the big contributors I didn't
> name.  I appreciate your work just as much even if I may not remember your
> name from IRC/ML :-)
> Great work guys,
> Thanks!
> Bobby
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