Still can't register GSM

danek daniel at
Sat Dec 13 14:31:01 CET 2008

arne anka wrote:
> to the contacts of the fr sim slot.
> if i remember right, the fr's contacts are just some kind of springs which  
> might very well loose suspension somehow.

Ah, you mean the *electrical* contacts, of course!

I had thought that you meant the address book contacts, which is why I was
so confused by the question.

Anyway, yes, that was one of the first thoughts I had too. (I once had an
ethernet port that stopped working - I looked inside the port and saw that
one of the contacts had been flattened down and was no longer springing up.
I made a small hook out of a paper clip and gently pulled it back up into
position.) The SIM was nice and flat (I tried another one, also flat) and
the springs were all raised up to the same level, which appeared to be more
than high enough to make contact with an installed SIM. I tried holding down
the SIM on top of the contacts directly, without inserting it into the cage,
and I felt enough give to be confident that the SIM was making contact when
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