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danek daniel at
Sat Dec 13 15:05:35 CET 2008

Karthik Kumar wrote:
> There are still hardware problems that exist with almost every
> freerunner out there (GPS signal levels, for one). I would like to see
> them fixed by Openmoko, Inc.

I was quite frustrated with the GPS when I first got my FR, but honestly,
ever since the long-ago patches to the kernel to turn off the SD clock when
not doing IO to the SD card, it has been working quite well for me. I no
longer notice a difference acquiring GPS fix between having SD card or not,
and can get a fix quite reliably now. This is in New York City, with tall

It is a bit slow to get a fix, slower for sure than my fiancee's iPhone,
which gets assistance data. However, I have noticed some occasions where her
phone took just as long to get a fix as mine (probably lack of assist data.)

The one hardware issue I would REALLY like to see addressed is being able to
charge the battery after it has been discharged. I am lucky I have a Nokia
phone kicking around with a compatible battery that I can use to "jump
start" my FR when needed. Not everybody does. I usually have luck booting
into NOR u-boot to begin charging the battery, but this doesn't work every
time, and is not a great solution.

(Is there any chance some future update of the NAND u-boot will make this a
thing of the past?)
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