Sad Story

polz polz at
Sat Dec 13 23:47:38 CET 2008

As a slightly iritated gta01 owner I'd personally like Openmoko to fix the 
following bugs:
1. Recamping issue -
I know it's hard and I presume people from TI aren't being helpful since 
solving this issue isn't going to be very profitable for them. Still, please, 
someone solve this!
2. A stable, easy-to-use build official system.
Setting up a development environment for Openmoko should be as easy as it is 
to set up a build environment for openwrt. Until there's an official, always 
working way to set up a build environment, application development isn't 
going to take off.
3. A stable, FSO-based distribution (which can be built using the 
aforementioned stable buildsystem). Someone (from Openmoko) should come up 
with a stable FSO snapshot and additional apps which would allow a user to 
call people, manage contacts (at least on the SIM) and send/receive/delete 
SMS. This distribution could then be used as a base for further development.

Once all these issues are solved, I'll be able to recommend Openmoko phones to 
my friends, some of which are pretty smart and might even be inclined to 
develop useful applications for the phone. Until these issues are fixed, 
openmoko is never going to see the boom of nifty apps and enhancements I 
presume the company is betting on.

P.S. I'm surprised Nokia hasn't released any competition to Openmoko. Yet.

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