Sad Story

Timo Juhani Lindfors timo.lindfors at
Sun Dec 14 00:08:44 CET 2008

polz <polz at> writes:
> 1. Recamping issue -
> I know it's hard and I presume people from TI aren't being helpful since 
> solving this issue isn't going to be very profitable for them. Still, please, 
> someone solve this!

Isn't the software workaround enough to make the phone useful?

> 2. A stable, easy-to-use build official system.
> Setting up a development environment for Openmoko should be as easy as it is 
> to set up a build environment for openwrt. Until there's an official, always 
> working way to set up a build environment, application development isn't 
> going to take off.

Seconded. I use debian since 'apt-get --build source foo' is
guaranteed to build a package from source. With
org.openmoko.asu.stable I get frequent build failures. Most frequent being

And yes, I prefer debian for many other things too (no non-free
ringtones etc.) but I would at least do much more testing with the
openmoko distro if I could compile it from source every time I needed
to test it.

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