Sad Story

arne anka openmoko at
Sun Dec 14 01:12:53 CET 2008

> 1. Recamping issue -
> I know it's hard and I presume people from TI aren't being helpful since
> solving this issue isn't going to be very profitable for them. Still,  
> please,
> someone solve this!

does the relased firmware not apply?

> 3. A stable, FSO-based distribution (which can be built using the
> aforementioned stable buildsystem). Someone (from Openmoko) should come  
> up
> with a stable FSO snapshot and additional apps which would allow a user  
> to
> call people, manage contacts (at least on the SIM) and  
> send/receive/delete
> SMS. This distribution could then be used as a base for further  
> development.

there was just recently a mail from om lining out the development in this  

> P.S. I'm surprised Nokia hasn't released any competition to Openmoko.  
> Yet.

they most likely won't -- nokia is afraid of "free" and "open".

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