Sad Story

polz polz at
Sun Dec 14 01:28:52 CET 2008

On Sunday 14 December 2008 01:12:53 arne anka wrote:
> > 1. Recamping issue -
> does the relased firmware not apply?
openmoko10 (or whatever that firmware was called) hasn't fixed the issue for 
me. And no, a software workaround which still drains the battery in less than 
a day IMO is not enough.
> > 3. A stable, FSO-based distribution 
> there was just recently a mail from om lining out the development in this
> respect.
I must have missed it. To find it, what should I be googling for ?
On a related note, the latest FSO in debian (apt-get update; apt-get upgrade 
about an hour ago) never asks me for a PIN. Who should I report this to, 
which logs should I attach?

> they most likely won't -- nokia is afraid of "free" and "open".
Let's hope so. It would really suck for Openmoko to start the revolution 
(although clumsily) and never reap any rewards. OTOH, us, the consumers, 
would be waaay better off if Nokia released an ueber-greenphone.

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