Sad Story

arne anka openmoko at
Sun Dec 14 15:40:58 CET 2008

>> > 1. Recamping issue -
> ....
>> does the relased firmware not apply?
> openmoko10 (or whatever that firmware was called) hasn't fixed the issue  
> for me.

seems, i confused the issues the fw should fix, not #1024 but #666.

> And no, a software workaround which still drains the battery in less  
> than a day IMO is not enough.

can't confirm that. the battery lasts as long as before -- about 48h,  
maybe more (i never let it run down more than about 35% which is reached  
after almost two days).

>> > 3. A stable, FSO-based distribution
> ...
>> there was just recently a mail from om lining out the development in  
>> this
>> respect.
> I must have missed it. To find it, what should I be googling for ?

well, mails wolfgang spraul of the last week, i think. should be in the  
thread about the disbanded optimization team.

> On a related note, the latest FSO in debian (apt-get update; apt-get  
> upgrade
> about an hour ago) never asks me for a PIN. Who should I report this to,
> which logs should I attach?

seems to be an issue for the smartphone lists, rather.

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