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You might do better to read back on the emails ... the hardware fix is
the kludge in my view - it is on one of the clock lines.  They did this
early on, and it did have an effect.  THEN they found that it was
improved by only clocking the SD card when neccessary (i.e., access).
Then lastly, they discovered that the clock drive was set too high

Once they had all the info, all the fixes were in (cap, correct drive
and SD card clocking on on access), things were good.  The cap seems to
have an effect, but is minor compared to the others, but its "in the
system" so stayed.  The majority of earlier FR's dont have it (including
mine) and work fine. Oh, and if you really want it, there's a SOP laying
out how to add it yourself.

Going from memory for the above, but it should be largely right.


On Mon, 2008-12-15 at 11:17 +0530, Karthik Kumar wrote:
> On Mon, Dec 15, 2008 at 5:35 AM, Stefan Monnier
> <monnier at> wrote:
> >>>> There are still hardware problems that exist with almost every
> >>>> freerunner out there (GPS signal levels, for one).  I would like to
> >>>> see them fixed by Openmoko, Inc.
> >> The kernel fix for GPS is a mere quirk. Ideally it should get fixed in
> >> hardware.
> >
> > Huh?  The kernel fix seems to work OK for those people who have old
> > FRs.  Newer FRs have a hardware fix.  E.g. my FR doesn't need any
> > kernel workaround.  No need to wait for GTA03 to get a hardware fix.
> So, this kernel fix is a feature, according to Al Johnson? Then why do
> they need a hardware fix? Unless I am missing something, this software
> fix seems to be a lie. Or the hardware fix seems to be bogus anyway. I
> have one of the earlier freerunners released, so I'm sure Openmoko
> owes an explanation.
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