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Mon Dec 15 14:20:32 CET 2008

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Karthik Kumar wrote:
> Is that how you reply as a company which makes a phone? We can't fix
> it so go buy our competitors' closed phones? I'd expect better from
> you (like saying, yes, we'll fix it) than buy our competitor's phone.

Um... when did openmoko say anything of the sort? Am I an OM employee
but I just don't know it? you've just demonstrated yourself to be even
stupider than I thought, which I must admit is quite an accomplishment,

No, really, go buy an iphone - they're designed for morons. You'll fit
right in.

> If i had bought the competitors' phone, i wouldn't be cribbing now
> that i've bought your phone, right?

No, you'd be languishing in an idiot's paradise, making phone calls and
not bitching constantly... ok, so maybe that's premature, I'm sure you'd
find something to bitch about... it's just that then you'd have to bitch
to apple, and not us, and since apple don't care once they've got your
money and can send automated responses, and we wouldn't have to put up
with you anymore, it's really just a better arrangement for everybody.

> Maybe Openmoko should trade in iPhones instead of Freerunners,
> considering I already paid for a Freerunner. What do you think for
> that for a response?

What do I think of that for a response? Stupid and uninformed. What a
big suprise.

If it's really that bad, put your FR on ebay and go buy an iphone.
everybody will be happier - not just you, but the thousands of poor sods
like me who's inboxes are being clogged up on a daily basis with your

fsck off and go buy an iphone. Seriously.
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