Sad Story

Paul paultsai at
Mon Dec 15 20:47:39 CET 2008

Seeing the responses to criticism, it is clear why OpenMoko is where
it is today.  If a significant portion of the community is frustrated
at the status of this project, the best course of action is to address
the concerns of the community.  Does telling people to buy an iphone
accomplish anything but lower your social standing on this list?

The main reason of why Open Source works is because people are able to
criticize.  When the criticisms are taken into account, real progress
can be had.

We as a community were warned of the alpha status of the phone.  What
we expected was that the community and company would work hand in hand
to create a viable phone solution.  Yet, it is clear that the resolve
of the Company is waning and the rest of the community is left holding
the bag.  Now we have people blaming us because we are holding the

Just because a project is Open Source, doesn't guarantee its success.
We have a lot of people working hard to resolve issues, yet we haven't
achieved our goal.  We need to refocus our goals and objectives to
create a working phone.  Passing the buck to FSO is passing the torch
to someone else.  This is what OM has done.

I'm sure the majority of hardware owners are awaiting Google Android.
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