Sad Story

Karthik Kumar karthikkumar at
Mon Dec 15 21:51:55 CET 2008

Al Johnson wrote:
> Neither are representatives of Openmoko. They have bought phones just as you 
> and I have. I suspect that they are frustrated by this long and unproductive 
> thread, and by your perceived attitude. You don't appear to be interested in 
> getting solutions to whatever problems you may be having. Suggesting someone 
> is lying when they try to correct your misunderstanding is just plain 
> offencive where I come from, as are your unsubstantiated accusations about 
> Openmoko and their staff. This may simply be a cultural misunderstanding, as 
> is often the case on international lists, in which case I suggest you correct 
> it now.

See, I do understand that they've got their own pressures. But by merely
trying to work on GTA03 (hardware or software), it's like they've thrown
their hands off the GTA02. And that's not the right attitude towards
that either. I hope that this thread at least awakens them to the
reality that their users are frustrated with them not doing anything
over the GTA02. If they did sort out ALL major issues (kernel, GSM
firmware, u-boot, major device userland daemons) then they could at
least feel better about themselves. But simply switching to work on
GTA03 is to piss on the community which has funded you till now. I hope
they take this up seriously than treat it as a discouragement or dismiss
it as a whiny joke :P
> On Monday 15 December 2008, Karthik Kumar wrote:
>> Is that how you reply as a company which makes a phone? We can't fix
>> it so go buy our competitors' closed phones? I'd expect better from
>> you (like saying, yes, we'll fix it) than buy our competitor's phone.
>> If i had bought the competitors' phone, i wouldn't be cribbing now
>> that i've bought your phone, right?
>> Maybe Openmoko should trade in iPhones instead of Freerunners,
>> considering I already paid for a Freerunner. What do you think for
>> that for a response?
>> On Mon, Dec 15, 2008 at 4:44 PM, arne anka <openmoko at> wrote:
>>>> Karthik:
>>>> I think I probably speak for a reasonable portion of the community when
>>>> I say this:
>>>> Go buy an iphone. Put your FreeRunner on ebay. You'll like the iphone -
>>> +1
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