Sad Story

Timo Juhani Lindfors timo.lindfors at
Mon Dec 15 23:18:04 CET 2008

Stefan Monnier <monnier at> writes:
> - unreliable suspend (supposedly fixed in upcoming kernels)

Yes, I have used stable-tracking 80f4b57fef now for 15 days and resume
works as long as I have use "sleep 4; apm -s; sleep 4" to suspend
(there is some race somewhere but this avoids it).

> - constant re-registration (here as well, there's a software
>   workaround, which apparently causes a minor reduction in autonomy, tho
>   it's not clear yet how minor: it depends on how well suspend works for you).

Here I lose about 3.6 percentage units per hour. If the units are
linear that means 100/3.6 = 28 hours of suspend time. This is enough
for me since I can charge the phone over night.

I also bought external USB battery for $14 from which I use when I am
away from home for more than one day.

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