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Mon Dec 15 23:38:48 CET 2008

Hi all, 

I'm quite impressed and dissapointed about what the mail I sent has caused. I could have not imagine it...I'm sorry.

I would like to say what I think, trying not to reply or offend anyone so, please we can stop with this thread now, or at least this is my last mail.

Open source is a matter of work, patience and hopes. When we bought an OM mobile, we knew that it was on the cutting edge of GPL mobile software technology. We could have a linux box in our pocket, integrating a music player, mobile phone, computer, etc, all in one. We were excited about all the posibilities it could have, and We wanted it to work well and now. But things are not so easy: design HW errors, difficulties in kernel development, problems with UI integration... As a result, we blame on the neighbour of all this, but that, in my opinion, is not they way to follow, every one has his part of responsibility. Everybody of us could help more instead of creating a feeling of tension in the air.

It's true there are HW problems, maybe they will never get fixed in software and they'll need a HW repair, but this is an OM matter, and their decision will be important in future purchases of us. Soon or later all the work that is being made here by the community will be taken in advantage by others mobile manufacturers. It's a matter of OM to design good mobile phones if they want to be chosen by us in the near future. I'm sure they are putting their best efforts on it.

Some of us are dissapointed with the actual OM mobile phones. This phones are pioneers, it's sad to say, but it's all what we get by now. So, if someone has no patience, no hopes and don't want to help us in this, I would advise him to sell the phone. Working on something without entusiasm will age you sooner. For all of you who hope some day to pick up your phone in a lift full of people and that the phone has battery on it or it doen't show de WSOD or whatever, stay here and try to help everybody in making better our phone. Everyone here, OM, kernel developers, etc, see the problems, but they don't need us to blame them, all they need of us is hopes, patience and work, no more.

best regards.

Juan Cañete Azorín
hiroshima 45, Tchernobyl 86, Windows 95 ...
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