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> Al Johnson wrote:
> > Neither are representatives of Openmoko. They have bought phones just as
> > you and I have. I suspect that they are frustrated by this long and
> > unproductive thread, and by your perceived attitude. You don't appear to be
> > interested in getting solutions to whatever problems you may be having.
> > Suggesting someone is lying when they try to correct your misunderstanding
> > is just plain offencive where I come from, as are your unsubstantiated
> > accusations about Openmoko and their staff. This may simply be a cultural
> > misunderstanding, as is often the case on international lists, in which
> > case I suggest you correct it now.
> See, I do understand that they've got their own pressures. But by merely
> trying to work on GTA03 (hardware or software), it's like they've thrown

i think here you have the reality of producing a device wrong. let me put this
straight. i used to work at openmoko. but i do not speak for them. openmoko
employs a group of people. some of them do hardware, some software. the
hardware goes do not know software or how to fix the higher level stuff - do
you expect them to sit idle and do NOTHING (not work on gta03) and get paid for
twiddling thumbs just because you are unhappy with the gta02? hell no. reality
is that they march on to do gta03. some of software implicitly marches on too.
openmoko is paying people to work on gta02 SOFTWARE and fix things. they spend
their days doing it. they can do little to FIX hardware you have as it's in
your hands. they CAN fix software as you can trivially download/flash updates.
i am not addressing ANYTHING ELSE you have said - i'm leaving it well alone. i
am ONLY addressing the work on GTA03 - they HAVE to do it. it's a reality of
business because they have a hardware division that otherwise sits idle.

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