Sad Story

Ali alishams at
Tue Dec 16 01:07:54 CET 2008

On Tue, 2008-12-16 at 02:21 +0530, Karthik Kumar wrote:
> See, I do understand that they've got their own pressures. But by merely
> trying to work on GTA03 (hardware or software), it's like they've thrown
> their hands off the GTA02. And that's not the right attitude towards
> that either. I hope that this thread at least awakens them to the
> reality that their users are frustrated with them not doing anything
> over the GTA02. ......

I have been following this thread for a while and I'm fairly sure it's
been explained to you very specifically (and even if not, there have
been at least a few posts about this): when they said they were working
on gta03 they meant the software stack that will be default for the
gta03 hardware. This means the old gta02 will still work with the new
software, they are just calling the new one gta03 internally/by
mistake/whatever. No  one is abandoning gta02, there have never been any
plans mentioned on the list to do so (not by any openmoko rep anyway),
the focus has just changed to a stack that will work even better (FSO if
you were wondering). The reason some people are getting pissed at you
(and telling you to go buy an iphone) is because people have explained
almost all of your complaints, in great detail, and until recently you
did not seem to comprehend that. Criticism is good, very good, but if
and only if it is constructive- that is key. If you complain about
something that is already being worked on or that already has been fixed
that is not constructive. Also remember that this is a public list in
that anyone can post on here, not just representatives of openmoko,
though they can and do as well. I'm going to provide you a list of
places you should search and look through before complaining things do
not work.

The wiki: -start here, enter
queries into the search bar, lots of info
The mailing lists: -some
posts have soooo much info on specific problems- but seeing as how you
are posting here I'm sure you knew of those.
The bug tacker: -here you will see if and
when specific problems have been reported, when they will get fixed, and
you can even report bugs there (i would strongly recommended reading
through it will give you
all the detail you need to filing a good *constructive* bug report).  
A good kernel (I haven't tried it myself but i've heard good things
about it): 
The kernel I use (though a touch dated now, still not bad): 

If you have not seen this already, I think you might enjoy it quite a

Last but not least, if you want a working phone above all else-
incidentally what I also require-
has some supposedly good qt extended images. Use in combo with Andy
tracking and if that does not work mwester's kernel is good. - a detailed list of

 To be clear, complain if there is a genuine problem- that is good, but
check other places first to make sure it has not been acknowledged.
(while i'm venting) One other thing I noticed about the thread that
bothered me, someone had said something to the effect of: this thread
would not exist if there were no problems, therefor the problems must
exist. Please see a
very common logical fallacy.
There are many things one can do with a freerunner, even with the
constant changes that go on, I hope you find a combo of software that
works for you and your needs. 

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