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Fri Dec 12 12:07:52 CET 2008

fixing something on GTA02. I couldn't care less if Openmoko's moving
on, because I'm moving on.

Oh, the community's messages isn't going under my radar at all;
Because if it's going legal, _ONLY_ Openmoko is going to get it's ass
kicked. That will show them the reality of business and this world. If
anybody not from Openmoko is hijacking this thread believing I am
attacking the community at large, they are just foolish and putting
unneccessary effort upon themselves.

And Oh: I do not care if I'm getting shunned by you, you're putting me
on ignore, or asking me to  buy an iPhone, because I am primarily
conversing ONLY with Openmoko. From now on, I wouldn't care to return
non-Openmoko-ers insults.

If Openmoko is going to sort out specific GTA02 problems within this
year, send it out. Since Openmoko's release this July, it's been
nothing but utter disappointment and sheer carelessness from
Openmoko's side. And if it's all lies and greed, I don't believe in
Karma, I believe in legal course. If someone else is also interested
in class-action, pvt. me and we'll see what their 'business' is all

Thanks All.


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