Stable Upgrade Anytime Soon?

Martin Lefkowitz lefko at
Tue Dec 16 14:45:05 CET 2008

Can anybody tell me the right distribution to use if;

1.  I want to be able to sync contacts and calendar with my desktop 
(preferably windows)
2.  I want to be able to use bluetooth with multiple devices
3.  I want to be able to use WiFi easily



> Date: Mon, 15 Dec 2008 08:53:47 -0500
> From: "Marcus Stong" <stongo at>
> It's been over a month now that opkg upgrade has produced nothing
> whatsoever. I know the "back to basics" are being worked on, but does anyone
> know how long until something makes it to the stable feed? I know part of my
> frustration relating to me venting on the whole "sad story" thread has been
> partially because it really seems like nothing is happening. I realize
> there's a testing feed, but I don't really have the time to go through all
> the steps to make it work for a while.
> I don't see why it's taking so long to pass anything to the stable feed.
> It's not like it's really stable to begin with, so there isn't much to lose.
> The dialer crashes, suspend freezes, and there's low call volume using FDOM
> or OM2008.9. I really would like to see a carrot dangled in front of my
> nose... that's always been the fun with this phone, and there haven't been
> too many carrots lately.
> Marcus
> -

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