FSO & Android (was: Sad Story)

Michael 'Mickey' Lauer mickey at openmoko.org
Tue Dec 16 14:52:45 CET 2008

Please don't mix teams, distributions, and efforts.

FSO is an initiative building a dbus-based framework for mobile devices, 100% 
funded by Openmoko. The FSO team evolved out of Openmoko's Framework Team.
FSO provides a dbus API and a reference implementation that is supposed to run 
on as many devices as we can manage -- including the GTA's, but also a lot of 
non-Openmoko devices.

Openmoko 2008.x is a distribution, which does not include the new framework, 
since Qtopia is the framework used there. Openmoko 2009.x will be a 
distribution including the FSO framework.

A personal remark: With all these semiopen initiatives going live, I see 
Openmoko being more and more important for free software, not less.
At the end of the day, OM is still only free open mobile communications 
platform(*) out there -- and I don't see that changing soon.


(*) A platform is a combination of hardware and software, not just one of 
them. What use is a software that I can not put on my closed device? Likewise 
what use is hardware that I can't update with my own software.

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