Not supporitng GTA01? [Was: [openmoko-announce] Om 2008.12 & Beyond]

Craig Woodward woody at
Sat Dec 20 21:10:30 CET 2008

Really?  That's frightening to me.

Six months after GTA02 is released, they totally stop support on GTA01?  And now we're being told GTA03 is in the works?  Did I spend a good chunk of change on an open-source phone that's barely functional and not going to be supported in nine months to a year?

I can understand if we were talking about totally different machines here, but from what I know the only differences have been some minor hardware tweaks that focus mainly on gluing on the wifi and enhancing the flash system.  The core systems remain pretty much the same.

I'd be less concerned if this was a finished product that had a stable base system, since then one could always revert to that and use it as a phone.  But there has yet to be a stable system for GTA02 that I've found, yet alone 01.  (And by stable, I mean it works reliably as a phone, can text, and do limited networking on GPRS and/or Wifi without rebooting every 30 minutes.)

If I owned a GTA01, I'd be pretty pissed right now.  You help kick start a company by investing in early hardware and suffering through software testing, to get kicked to the curb after a year or so?  Not a way to build loyalty.

---- Rod Whitby <rod at> wrote: 

There are no new releases from which will work on
the GTA01.

You need to use FSO or Debian or perhaps Hacker:1 for the GTA01.

Openmoko no longer supports the GTA01 with the Om200x images.

-- Rod

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