Not supporitng GTA01? [Was: [openmoko-announce] Om 2008.12 & Beyond]

Michael 'Mickey' Lauer mickey at
Sat Dec 20 22:55:40 CET 2008

I don't want to comment on whether Openmoko should do more work on GTA01 or 
rather concentrate on 02 and 03, but I do want to state that you can't 
compare the usual end-of-support product to an Openmoko end-of-support 

Openmoko not releasing anymore images for 01 is _orders of magnitude_ less of 
a problem than any competitor no longer supporting a model. The reason being 
the paradigmatic openness of Openmoko. Everything is out there -- at your 
fingertips, so to speak -- you can still compile 2009.x for the 01 (yes, you 
need to remove some things) or work on exciting new software for it.

U-Boot and the kernel may not receive many more updates, but that's about it. 
For the rest of it, you don't have to rely on Openmoko to get fresh software 
for your GTA01.

Again, while I don't want to comment whether this is right or wrong from 
Openmoko Inc, I hope that it puts things into perspective.



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