Not supporitng GTA01? [Was: [openmoko-announce] Om 2008.12 & Beyond]

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Tue Dec 23 15:57:29 CET 2008

Craig Woodward wrote:
> I disagree for one simple reason: There has yet to be a stable kernel and
> interface for any GTA* phone from which to build.  There are releases that
> are labeled "stable", but most of them crash after a short time, or have
> major bugs that prevent the hardware from working like a normal phone for
> any length of time.

This is the same concern I have had when developers talk about improvements
and not doing anything FR specific because they want to concentrate effort
on stuff that will improve the experience on the 03

I've got this horrible feeling we'll be left with an unsupported device that
never really did the basics properly. I hope the FSO/OM2009 release next
year will get us there, but I'm lacking in faith right now. I'd be pretty
annoyed if I owned a 1973.
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