Freerunner for sale

Andrew C. Dingman andrew+openmoko at
Fri Dec 26 04:56:24 CET 2008

I'm offering a US model Neo Freerunner in its original box with all
original contents except the USB cable, which I can't seem to locate.
This includes the "extras pack" contents (the headphones are untouched),
stylus, original micro sd card, etc. At various times with different
software stacks, all major components of the phone have worked on the
T-Mobile network within the US. All components are in good condition.
The only noticeable mark on any of them are a few cuts in the insulation
on the wall charger. I will re-flash the phone with your choice of OS
and kernel images before shipping.

The going rate on Ebay seems to be ~ $250, so that's my asking price,
including shipping within the continental US. If you want faster
shipping, want it shipped further, or want it shipped insured, I'll ask
you to chip in the extra cost.

Please reply to me directly rather than cluttering the list with


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