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I don't know if you have already had an answer to this... but here you go.... (see below)

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Subject: A little lost
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> Hi to everbody,
> I have nearly iniciate my trip with neofreerunner and there are 
> some things
> I don't understand.
> Basicaly, I have read that a volume bar has been updated in 
> 2008.12, but
> when I'm phonening I don't see any bar... 

The bar appears while you are speaking (the volume doesn't appear until the person on the other side has answered). This is not the best behaviour, but that's how it works. In Qtopia you can change the default volume of the call as a profile setting. And of course you have another way to change the default volue in OM2008.9 (I assume here it is still valid in 2008.12) which is the alsamixer ....

> Another thing I don't understand is why there are two 
> applications for
> 'contacts', firstly, the 2007.2 app which doesn't consult the 
> SIM, and the
> other one that consults the SIM's contacts but doesn't let me 
> search....

I flashed my FR with 2008.12 and the "Contacts" application works well enough. It displays the contacts from the SIM but you have the option of showing from, "Contacts", "Active SIM Card" and "SIM Card Service Numbers". It doesn't allow for "search" though, but this may be due to the fact that I haven't been able to get the "Illume" wrench showing.... 

> Can anybody helps me?
> Thanks
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