The death of battery killed the SMS app?

Tommi Kärkkäinen tommi.karkkainen at
Tue Jul 15 21:11:01 CEST 2008

Hi all,

I ran out of battery power today, which (not surprisingly) resulted in 
the phone shutting off. I plugged the recharger in, waited a couple of 
seconds and turned the phone back on again. After booting up the phone 
told me that there are four new SMS's which I suspect really are old 
messages stored on the SIM.

However, the SMS app won't start up anymore. When I try to run it, the 
screen flashes a window which reminds me of the SMS app, even though it 
doesn't show the GUI. Hoping that upgrading the SMS app would help I did 
an opkg upgrade, but this didn't help. I was originally running the 
software that came with the phone.

Any ideas will be appreciated.

Tommi Kärkkäinen

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