The death of battery killed the SMS app?

D. Gassen dirk.gassen at
Tue Jul 15 22:27:24 CEST 2008

I had the same problem after I played around with the contacts and  
added a "bogus" one. It displayed as "(null)", AFAIR. Everything  
seemed to be fine until I rebooted the device. I was able to delete  
that contact and then the SMS app started again.

On 15.07.2008, at 15:41, Tommi Kärkkäinen wrote:

> arne anka kirjoitti:
>>> Any ideas will be appreciated.
>> - putting the sim in another phone and reading/deleting the sms
> Tried this, I removed all the SMS's from the SIM using another  
> phone. FR
> still says there are 4 new messages, and the SMS app fails to start.
>> - trying another sim
> I wish I had another one so I could try it out, but I don't.
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