FreeRunner Booking 25062008-01

Karthik Kumar karthikkumar at
Wed Jul 16 10:09:46 CEST 2008


This is with reference to the preorder I gave on 25th of June, and the
shipment which was supposed to reach IDA on 3rd of July, which they
haven't till today.

This is to just tell everybody else who ordered from IDA that it isn't
going to help waiting passively for the mobile to arrive. Because the
customs official in Delhi will not be releasing it anytime soon.

The folks in Openmoko are saying they aren't to blame either, because
they did their best.

I'm cancelling my order if I don't recieve my freerunner on
18-07-2008. Apparently I've asked everybody and they say it's not
their mistake. But it is definitely not my mistake, because
I have sent them a DD as early as July 1 and they have encashed it pretty early.


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