GTA01BV4 died, please help me.

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Wed Jul 16 11:00:47 CEST 2008

Alle martedì 15 luglio 2008, Jay Vaughan ha scritto:
> > i remember that there is someone in the maillist tell us don't
> > remove battery while plugged into USB.
> yeah, i remember this thread, but unfortunately it didn't happen on
> the mailinglist until long after i'd already bricked the neo ..
> ;
> --
> Jay Vaughan

- This is  Michael Shiloh from the thread "not charging..." :

--- start
(1) DON'T LET YOUR BATTERY GET TOO DISCHARGED! or you won't be able to 
power up the phone

A quick test to see if the USB power circuitry is working: power up your 
phone, connect the charger, remove the battery. A good phone will remain 
powered up, powered only by the USB circuit.

Test this with both the provided USB power supply and with the USB cable 
plugged into a POWERED USB port on a computer. Perhaps the charger is 
DOA or perhaps the cable is damaged.

I don't know what is right or what is wrong, but I've plugged and unplugged my 
Nokia from the charger thousand of times without a problem. 

People aspect to do so, becouse this is possible with all the phones. So must 
be corrected (if true...) 

But returning to my problem: how can I test ed eventually repair my phone?

Someone can help me?

Thank you



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