not charging...

lapubell kholsapple at
Wed Jul 16 17:42:06 CEST 2008

it looks like it is an intermittent problem.  depending on how the phone is
feeling, it will charge or not.  I ran halt via the terminal, popped the
battery out and put it back in and viola, charging again with both the power
cable and the usb cable.


Dirk Bergstrom-2 wrote:
> lapubell wrote:
>> i don't know what the problem is, but my freerunner is not charging via
>> usb. 
>> I got it today, and i'm wondering if it is DOA?  the phone first showed a
>> charging icon in the top right when plugged in, but now it will not
>> change
>> off of the battery icon, which is slowly depleating...
> I noticed that my Freerunner wasn't charging today, even though it was 
> plugged into the charger.  It worked yesterday, so I figured it might be 
> an intermittent thing.
> I tried unplugging the cable and plugging it back in.  Then I unplugged 
> the charger from the wall and plugged it back in, which did the trick. 
> Just now I tried unplugging and replugging the charger usb connector a 
> few times, and got varying results.  Sometimes the usb icon in the 
> toolbar would show up, sometimes not. Similarly, the "charging" icon 
> sometimes showed up (the battery is fully charged).  At one point, I 
> pulled the cable out, and the charging icon came on.  Also, the speaker 
> makes its 'click' noise when you plug in the cable, and when you remove 
> it.  Once I plugged in the cable, and got two clicks very close 
> together, and the usb icon blinked briefly.
> I suspect that the software is easily confused.  Try messing about with 
> the cable.
> --
> Dirk
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