USB networking and openSUSE

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You need to set up your host machine as a nat router, using iptables. 
A couple of google searches should get you plenty of howto's on this.

There is also a chance that there is a collision between the address spaces
uses on the host <-> freerunner usb link. (both use 192.168.x.x where x.x is
the same on both the outbound link of the host as well as the
host <-> freerunner usb link.

Just a couple of guesses.


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Hi all

I seem to be unable to figure out how to get my Freerunner to connect to 
the internet (through a host PC connected by USB).  I followed the USB 
Networking section of the "Getting Started" wiki page and can ssh into 
the Neo just fine.  However, I can't seem to figure out how to get the 
routing properly set up so the Neo can access the internet (I can't ping 
URL's or IP addresses except the one that belongs to the hose computer). 
    The "Allow FreeRunner to Connect to Internet via USB" section of the 
Getting Started page has instructions for Ubuntu and Fedora but I'm 
having trouble translating them into something that works with my setup 
(I'm using openSUSE 11.0).

Any help would be appreciated.  I searched the mailing lists and wiki, 
but I couldn't really find anything that helped (I'm not the brightest 
bulb in the lamp with these sorts of things).


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