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lapubell kholsapple at gmail.com
Thu Jul 17 20:18:50 CEST 2008

so, this is my third day with my neo freerunner, and I am quite enjoying

following all the startup guides and blog posts I could find I have a couple
of questions and would love to get some feedback.

first, i have a question about the SIM card access.  On the home screen, it
always displays that i have one new SMS message, although launching the
messaging program shows that there are no new messages... I believe that
this is because the sim card is being read incorrectly.  I believe this
because of the contacts app.  When I first powered up my phone, it didn't
read any contacts from the SIM card, at all.  Next hard reboot brought some
of the SIM contacts in, up though about the letter 'r', but it was hit and
miss, not including all contacts that begin with a-r.  I'm thinking that
there is a text message somewhere on the SIM card that i can't view in the
message program, and I want to do a big dumb of all messages.  I don't mind
if I get rid of all the contacts too, so I can start from scratch and get
them that way.  I just really want that notification on my main screen to be

second, I have written my first script for the phone to learn a bit more
about it.  as I like to do, it is written in python and is VERY basic.  I
wrote the script to accept one argument, the name of an image file located
in /usr/share/pixmaps, and then call the two system commands to replace the
background message and restart X.  the first system command executed great,
but when I restarted X from the built in terminal app, it just sat in
command mode after X got killed.  I think this has to do with the script
being called from inside the term program running in X to restart X.  my
script works beautifully from SSH.
any ideas?

thanks for all the great helpers out there.  lets make the moko stack
any other links to tutorials would be rad to.  especially any relating to
developing a py-gtk program.
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