Battery use and maintenance

shawn sullivan shelbydz at
Fri Jul 18 15:06:29 CEST 2008

It appears that the batteries that came w/ the Freerunner are Lithium. 
These are much better at not developing a memory than the Nickle based 

Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but you probably don't have to worry 
about charging while developing.

. . .shawn

C R McClenaghan wrote:
> I would like some information about recommendations on how to use and 
> maintain the Freerunner's battery.
> I did not find anything explicit on the wiki. The following link is a 
> good general resource that you may find useful:
> in particular, this section:
> My particular concern is the dual purpose of the usb cable as power and 
> network. The recommendation seems to be to _not_ trickle charge once the 
> battery is fully charged to provide better battery life. Doing 
> development with the usb cable attached seems to put the device usage 
> against this recommendation. What is OpenMoko's recommendation? Is there 
> a way to automatically or manually stop/start/restart charging to avoid 
> this situation and thus extend battery life? Is there a better way to 
> manage the battery maintenance? Are there other usage areas for which 
> advice exists (for example, the well documented "don't fully discharge")?
> Thanks,
> Chris
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