Charging nokia batteries with the freerunner

Russell Sears sears at
Sun Jul 20 22:47:44 CEST 2008

Is it OK to charge nokia BL-5C batteries with the freerunner?

They're  lithium ion, 3.7 volt, with approximately the same form factor 
as the FIC one that came with my freerunner.  The Nokia is slightly 
thinner, but snaps into place nicely.

I had a completely dead FIC battery, and just used the nokia one to jump 
start my phone.  (I put the nokia one in with the Freerunner attached to 
the charger, started the phone, and waited for the openmoko logo to 
appear.  Then I quickly swapped batteries so I could charge my dead FIC 

Will I run into nasty problems if I charge the Nokia battery with the 
Freerunner?  I'm worried it will overcharge the battery and/or be a fire 
hazard.  I've heard that nokia chargers that charge 5-BL(?) type 
batteries can charge the FIC freerunner battery.



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