Battery discharging after long time connected to the power charger ?

Stefan Fröbe frobiac at
Mon Jul 21 08:37:26 CEST 2008

Hi everybody,

I experienced something similar yesterday with my Freerunner running a
 recent andy+mwester kernel:

After plugging the turned off phone with about 30% battery left into
the wall charger at night, I woke up to realize the battery had become
completely drained! And in addition, the original battery would not
allow a startup neither with charger nor usb attached, only a spare
nokia and then quick-changing while on USB allowed it to become
recharged again.

When plugging in the charger, the icon for USB now switches between
shown / not shown in 1s intervals, accompanied by a knock-sound from
the loudspeaker. This happens every time, and looks to me as if the
charger is broken - any other USB device attached to it blinks with
the same frequency, and I cannot measure the 5V but see fluctuations .

Any idea, or shall I contact my distributor (Pulster) for a spare charger ?


On Sun, Jul 20, 2008 at 7:05 PM, Russell Sears <sears at>

> Michael Shiloh wrote:
> >
> >
> > Russell Sears wrote:
> >> I've started noticing this too.  It bit me the night before last, when
> >> it was plugged in for 8 hours, but the icon indicated battery status.
> >> When I woke up, APM reported the battery was low. (I've been regularly
> >> running opkg update/upgrade on the factory image).
> >>
> >> Plug the charger into the phone.  Slowly count to 10 or 20.  If the
> >> icon doesn't change to have a lightning bolt, unplug the charger from
> >> the phone, and repeat.
> >
> > here's another thing to try: make sure the phone is really charging,
> > either with 500mA or 1000mA (assuming you're using the wall charger),
> > using Andy's patch that lets you manually set any charge rate:
> >
> >
> >
> > Let me know the result of this experiment
> >
> > Michael
> I'm still trying to reproduce the part where it actually runs the
> battery down while plugged in, so I haven't applied the kernel patch.
> (Perhaps it was accidentally unplugged or something...)  In the meantime:
> What's the desired policy for charging?  Could the charger be shutting
> off once the battery is full?  I've heard that doing this is standard
> procedure for Li-Ions, since they don't like to be continuously topped
> off...
> My phone is plugged into the charger right now, and says it's not
> charging.  It said it was charging an hour ago, so now its just a
> matter of waiting...   I'll disable power management, enable wifi, gps,
> etc, and see if that gets it to drain the battery while charging.
> charger_type contains:
> charger 1A mode 1A
> chgstate:
> enabled usb_present
> chgcur is empty
> chgmode:
> enabled
> apm says:
> Off-line, battery status high:
> 98% (5d+3:01:00)
> ** Update **
> I was having some problems with my mail client, so this has been sitting
> in my outbox.  Anyway, I left the phone on the charger last night, woke
> up and it was on with the red and exclamation point in the battery
> status icon.  I pulled the charger plug out of the phone and reinserted
> it, which shut down the phone.  I can't turn it back on, so I'm going to
> buy a second battery and/or external charger today...  It seems the best
> way to reproduce the issue is with a batter that's not nearly full.
> -Rusty
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