how to set home page clock to right top

Bastian Feder bastian.feder at
Mon Jul 21 09:56:03 CEST 2008

I suppose you want to have a little clock in the titlebar?!

Which Image are you using? 2007.2? ASU?

If you are using the 2007.2 Image, do the following in your moko-shell:

1. minimize current clock:
#dbus-launch gconftool-2 --type bool --set
/desktop/poky/interface/small_clock true
# /etc/init.d/xserver-nodm restart

-> ths big clock in the middle of the scrren will be gone. Just the
bar at the bottom of the page showing the date will remain.

2. To add the clock to the title bar, edit /etc/matchbox/session. In
the list of applets after --end-applets, add 'openmoko-panel-clock,',
and restart your X server

hope that helps

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> how to set home page clock to right top.
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