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Resend...first post never made it for some reason. Thanks.

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Apologies if this has been asked before. I haven't seen it on the
various lists.

I'm using a USA T-Mobile SIM.

The SIM on an unlocked Motorola K1 and Motorola V3 allows me to see
all my contacts on the SIM.
When I load the SIM into the Freerunner, I can only see about 10 of
them (the first 10 in fact).  This happens on 2007.2  as well as ASU.
I'm using ASU exclusively now from the dailies.

I've hooked up the K1 to Motorola Phone Tools, read in all the SIM
contacts, deleted all of the SIM contacts, and rewrote out the stored
contacts to the SIM.  This was helpful in that previously any contact
containing a dash in the number also wasn't read by 2007.2.  (e.g.
1-222-333-4444 woudn't be read but  12223334444 would be).   I thought
at first this was just a dash problem since the neo was showing 10 of
these and they all had no dashes.  The new contents on the SIM card
are stored without dashes and now, as above, I only get the first 10
(or so).

Any ideas on how to overcome this?  Normal phone operations work (e.g.
I can call you!) so I wouldn't file this under the SIM issues reported
with ATT SIM cards.



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