Daniel Aeberli daeberli at meditron.ch
Mon Jul 21 22:22:58 CEST 2008

Jim Morris a écrit :
> I just flashed Qtopia (Because my up-to-date 2007.2 wouldn't start x anymore, lost sound etc etc).
> Now this is a UI :-) It is intuitive and looks great, the input methods are exactly what I would 
> expect to be available, and I don't have to push the power button to close an app ;)
> I especially like the keyboard that zooms into the key that will be sent if you hold it.
> Anyway it shows great promise, great job Trolltech!
> Now I do have a few questions...
> 1. Should sound be working in this version? I get none
> 2. Should  the screen dim after a while? As far as I can see the backlight is always on in this version.
> 3. Will this be commercially available, or free? and what is the time frame for a fully working 
> version? (I have to say based on what I have seen I'd pay for it!)
> Thanks
> Jim
Just did it to, like better as well, although I've got it to lock up 
several times playing with BT.
It's strange, it will pair with my headset but not interact (no pick-up...)

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