where can I change sim card's contacts encode?

xiangfu xiangfu at openmoko.org
Tue Jul 22 02:16:14 CEST 2008

this may help you

Bobby Martin wrote:
> I wrote a python script to do this; you can get it at
> http://wiki.openmoko.org/wiki/Import_Sim_Contacts
> It doesn't specifically handle internationlization.  I don't know if
> libgsmdtool will stream internationalized characters, or even if
> python streams i18n characters correctly by default.  It would at
> least be a starting place.  The script inserts the contacts using the
> 2007.2 dbus interface; you would need to change it to target another
> database.
> If you do have to change it, I would love to have the code updates :-)
>  I need to get this into projects.openmoko.org...
> The code is availble under GPL v2.0, although I still need to get that
> into the code itself.
> There was also some code written by a Chinese fellow that is (I think)
> integrated into the 2007.2 contacts application.  It did handle i18n.
> It should just be an option in the 2007.2 contacts application...
> Bobby

ChandleWEi wrote:
> when I insert my sim card, I get odd code of my contacts.
> how to change it or which program process it
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