One-sided GSM calls

Joerg Reisenweber joerg at
Tue Jul 22 06:56:06 CEST 2008

Am Di  22. Juli 2008 schrieb Daniel Dadap:
> (Sorry if this creates a new thread: I am subscribed in digest mode,
> and can't seem to find an easy way to reply directly to a message on
> this list without having received a copy of the individual message.
> This is a follow-up to my previous message:
> After trying the FSO image, still no audio on GSM calls. I went back
> to OM2007.2, since I find it the most complete at the moment to play
> with (Qtopia is much more polished, but lacks fun things like GPS) and
> then when playing around with it, discovered that the weird box with
> circles inside it that is visible at the top left during a call
> triggers the speakerphone. I was wearing the headset at the time and
> hit the speakerphone button, and heard the other side of the call! It
> was very faint (even with volume turned all the way up), and over one
> channel only, but the audio was there. I unplugged the headset and
> heard the audio on the speaker, very faintly. (Still nothing on the
> earpiece.) Turned speakerphone off, no sound on speaker, no sound on
> earpiece. Turned speakerphone on, plugged headset in, faint audio on
> one side.
> Later, I was unable to get speakerphone to work again on the speaker.
> It still seems to work with the headset. The headset does not produce
> any call audio with speakerphone disabled.
> Is there anything anybody can suggest besides sending the FR in? How
> do I go about sending it in, anyway?

Sorry no offense, but this sounds somewhat like...
You *really* flashed the image for GTA02? Symptoms seem to me like alsa.state 
file for GTA01... (though I never had a look at these and I'm not even sure 
if there's any difference)


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