One-sided GSM calls

Daniel Dadap daniel at
Tue Jul 22 13:29:36 CEST 2008

No offense taken. I often find myself in a situation whene somebody
says they have done something to troubleshoot some problem on their
computer which should have fixed the problem, then I take a look and
discover that it wasn't done. :)

I flashed rootfs images several times. If alsa.state is stored outside
of the rootfs somehow, then I will look into that further. Any advice?
Or are you saying that the alsa.state file in the image is for Neo1973
and needs modification after flashing? If this were the case, though,
I would have expected to find something in the wiki. Besides, when I
flashed images, I always made sure I was downloading the FreeRunner
version of the image.

First I tried playing with alsomaxer, on another FR user's suggestion.
(The same person I swapped phones with to troubleshoot when I noticed
the problem five minutes after opening the box.) Then I flashed the
2008/07/18 OM2007.2 image. Then the ASU 2008/07/18 image. Then the
Qtopia jffs2 image from Trolltech. Then the default 2007.2 image again
(I think 2008/05/24). Then FSO Milestone 1. Then when none of them
worked I went to the 2008/07/20 OM2007.2 image and started playing
with some goodies (tangoGPS, etc.) but still couldn't hear calls. Each
time I flashed I did dfu-util -a rootfs -R -D /path/to/image.jffs2
while booted from NOR flash and FreeRunner seemed happy to take the
new image.

One thing I have noticed recently in my further troubleshooting
attempts is that when making a call while using the earpiece is that
there actually is sound for a very short amount of time before it cuts
out. I can call a number with an autoattendant, and can hear the "tha"
in "thank you for calling...", then a quiet pop, then nothing. If I
turn on speakerphone during this call, I will once again hear the
audio faintly through one channel in the earpiece.

If this is a software issue and there's something I can do to get
sound, I will be very happy. If not, please tell me how to proceed
from here.

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