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Tue Jul 22 15:27:27 CEST 2008

On Mon, Jul 21, 2008 at 6:05 PM, Jim Morris <ml at e4net.com> wrote:

However now when I click the mail/messages icon, it goes to Create New
> message screen there seems no
> way to see the inbox, or read email from gmail which I had added (but
> didn't work). When I take the
> SIM card out it returns to the list starting with inbox etc.
> I had received some SMS messages when the SIM card was in, but I could not
> find anyway to read them.
> When I removed the SIM card, I could click on inbox and see the SMS
> messages I received.

i observed the same behavior last night after i installed qtopia but i
didn't have an sd card installed.  it just seemed to fix itself after a
while.  at first i got the messaging menu when clicking on the envelope icon
but after a while clicking on the envelope icon took me to the 'create new
message' screen and i was unable to get to newly received messages.  after a
while, clicking on the envelope brought up the menu again.  i have no idea
what i might have done to break it or later fix it.

So far I am very impressed, I'll continue to play with this for a while.

i am as well.  i must say that qtopia looks to be far and away the best 'all
around' software to use if you want to just have a usable phone.  i like it
a lot so far.  i'd really like to see the gps app mentioned elsewhere.

Peter Abplanalp
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