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Greg Bonett écrivait:

> Gregory Meyer wrote:
> | Since the device does not have a root password by default, it is
> | possible for anyone to ssh to the device while I am connected to a
> | wifi AP.  IS it advisable to set a root password or does that screw up
> | the phone?  Maybe only allow ssh login on the usb0 network interface
> | as an alternative?
> |
> | Thanks
> |
> | --
> | Greg
> |
> Greg,
> If you don't set a root password  anyone will be able to log onto your 
> phone if they can reach it on the network.  I don't think there are any 
> downsides to setting a password (I did) passwd should do the trick.

Maybe a ssh key is a good alternative. I know nothing about dropbear
(And I've not yet received my FR), but a key is harder than a simple
text password, isn't it ?

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