One-sided GSM calls

Daniel Dadap daniel at
Wed Jul 23 00:55:59 CEST 2008


This morning I reflashed the 20080722 rootfs jffs2 image for OM2007.2,
along with the kernel I found in the same directory
( Still no
sound during a call except when using speakerphone.

Then I saw this post with
an attached alsa state dump from a configuration known to have the
buzzing issue. I thought it was possible that in my several attempts
mucking with alsamixer, I might have done something that affected call
volume, and I figured buzzy calls would be better than no audio. I
restored from that configuration, but it made no difference in my
handset, except that it made the button clicks quieter. I assumed that
any alsa settings would have been wiped out by a rootfs and kernel
flash anyway, but figured I would give restoring from a known good
alsa state was better than possibly having leftover state from a bad

The last thing I am going to try is reflashing with the default image
(20080424) and kernel one more time and restoring alsa state again
from that saved configuration. I don't have high hopes though that it
will work.

Can somebody please tell me what to do with my handset before my
28-day DOA warranty is up?

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