SIM cards and Wireless

Jette Derriche jette at
Wed Jul 23 09:02:29 CEST 2008

On Tue, 2008-07-22 at 21:18 -0400, Anschel Schaffer-Cohen wrote:
> Two problems, both rather critical (with the FreeRunner):
> The first problem is that I don't see any way to connect to a wireless
> network. "Wifi" is on the power button menu, and the icon is visible,
> but it doesn't seem to do anything. Am I missing something here? Am I
> expected to use the terminal for this?

There is a wiki-page with information:

I followed this example yesterday, and it worked:

# ifconfig eth0 up
# iwconfig eth0 essid any
# iwconfig eth0 key '...'
# iwconfig eth0 essid '...'
# udhcpc eth0
# ifconfig usb0 down; ifconfig usb0 up

> Also, a problem with SIM cards: I use Cingular's pay-as-you-go

I don't know ... maybe someone else can answer that.


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