qtopia: keys missing for predictive keyboard?

Joerg Lippmann j at donalbain.de
Wed Jul 23 22:34:48 CEST 2008

Am Mittwoch 23 Juli 2008 schrieb Brian Capouch:
> Joerg Lippmann wrote:

> > But is it just me or are there some keys missing for touchscreen? I have
> > not found a possibility to erase letters or to enter special keys etc.
> I'll trade you info:  to erase a letter you sweep your finger leftwards
> just below the keyboard.  A "slight" sweep does that; a longer sweep
> erases the current word.

Great! That works. Thanks! And by experimenting, I just found puntuation: 
Sweep from the bottom of the screen up...

> Now my turn to ask: I used Qtopia and the predictive kb for a while and
> then it got back-burnered.  I just flashed it again and I'm in the
> opposite position from you.  How do you *accept* the word that's showing
> and move on to the next one?

Just tip on the right word in the *middle* of the bar. Tip left or right to 
skip through possible words till the right one is in the middle. Or sweep 
your finger to the right on the bottom of the keyboard(I just found that out 
after your hints).

Now there seems only two questions for me left:

1. How do I get german Umlauts?
2. Sometimes the predicted word only shows up in uppercase while I typed it 
and want it written in lowercase. How  do I change that?
Jörg at home

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