Connecting to internet via usb

Stroller stroller at
Fri Jul 25 06:58:32 CEST 2008

On 25 Jul 2008, at 05:32, e hanks wrote:
> ...
> Specifically, the free DNS IP address that was suggested (and which  
> worked) has been removed. The IP addresses listed in my host's /etc/ 
> resolv.conf file DO NOT work.

I'll give you a couple of addresses of DNS servers in a moment, but  
chances are that they won't work.

If the IP addresses listed in my host's /etc/resolv.conf file "don't  
work" then your desktop machine won't be able to resolve DNS names to  
IP addresses, either. The fact that these addresses are in your  
desktop's /etc/resolv.conf and that it is able to resolve addresses  
indicate that these DNS servers DO INDEED work.

The chances are that the problem is in fact routing. That your  
Freerunner can't access the internet.

Can you ping the IP addresses of these DNS servers?
If not then no wonder they don't work!

Look up the IP address of known hosts on the internet. You can do  
this on your desktop:
$ host has address has address has address

Can you ping or any of the others? If your Freerunner  
can access the internet then you will be able to. If it can't ping  
them then it probably won't be able to send packets to the name  
servers, either.

You probably need to start off from the beginning of the guide again,  
and work through being able to ping the desktop (  
usually) from the Freerunner and pinging your network gateway.

> A web search turned up nada.
> Could someone please point me towards a valid IP that I can plug  
> into my phone's /etc/network/interfaces?

Googling "OpenDNS addresses" quickly leads to:


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