David Malcolm dmalcolm at
Fri Jul 25 16:13:33 CEST 2008

On Fri, 2008-07-25 at 15:05 +0100, Robin Paulson wrote:
> 2008/7/24 Steven ** <montgoss at>:
> > If you figured out how to subscribe to the list, you should have no
> > problem unsubscribing.
> >
> the problem is, no matter how many times people quote that wonderful
> link, it still doesn't work.
> have you tried clicking on it yourself?

If I follow this link

(note http rather https, to avoid having to deal with the broken
certificate of the site)

then I see a form at the bottom of the page that takes me to:

(actually, to https, but I've left that off again)

This latter page has a form on it.  I believe that if you fill in your
email address in the "Email Address" field and click on the
"Unsubscribe" button it will send you an email with a link that, when
followed, will actually remove you  (I haven't tested this latter part
myself since I'm hoping to eventually use the GTA01 phone I bought...)

Hope this helps

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