neod and pusleaudio -- evil tandem? ;-)

Yaroslav Halchenko at
Fri Jul 25 23:25:59 CEST 2008

ok -- missing sound... it seems that pulseaudio doesn't loose any socket
connection after resume -- it still gets those inputs from the screen,
lsof is the same prior and post suspend, but no sound.

also according to dumps of alsactl before and after resume nothing
changes and they correspond to stereoout.state

where else to look?

> and then I have the same problem with loosing sound after resume -- (I
> simply have dim/lock PM strategy on) -- pulseaudio goes busy for a few
> seconds after resume, and then sounds are gone (no tapping sound no
> ringing sound -- just vibration). And that of cause removes pulseaudio
> from the list of 'busy' processes although pulseaudio is still running
>  (neod remains as busy as before 9-10% CPU). Restart of pulseaudio and
>  then x-server (to have dialer/today reconnected to pulseaudio) helps
>  until next suspend (and they both again run at those 16% CPU ;-))

>  So -- any ideas?
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