Buzzing on GSM audio

Scott Benninghoff scott.benninghoff at
Fri Jul 25 23:49:02 CEST 2008

Any luck with this?  I was fooling with alsamixer last night and managed 
to drown out the buzzing sound but also drowned out the voice.  After 
fooling with is some more, I don't hear the calling party nor can they 
hear me.  I'm going to start from scratch.  Hopefully I don't have to 
flash the filesystem. There is value added information there now.  I'll 
post any update that seem to work.


Jim Morris wrote:
> Hi,
> There has been a lot of talk, and entries in the Wiki, regarding the 
> buzzing during a GSM call.
> However I have not seen any concrete solutions posted, and this is a 
> showstopper when it comes to using the FR as a phone.
> So to try to move this effort forward, there is mention of a possible 
> solution by tweaking alsamixer.
> So if anyone has good quality GSM phone calls, can they please post 
> their alsamixer settings here.
> login via ssh (or console)
> > alsactl store -f alsa.txt
> I'll collect them and post them to a Wiki page.
> Maybe we can nail this one too :)
> Here is mine, but is very noisy so don't use it :)
> You can load a good one with this...
> > alsactl restore -f a-good-gsmhandset.state
> Thanks
> Jim
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