Can not SSH anymore

JohnMKlein jklein at
Fri Jul 25 23:56:17 CEST 2008

I am a 70 year old Linux newbie

Used Linux cd on windows.

Was "sshing" had logged in manually to get setup several days ago.

Than switched to windows putty & winscp. Learning- doing and getting 
along fine.

I way over reached in code mucking. Now only way I can get in is using 
terminal mode on freerunner

Below info maybe be helpful to anyone who can help me.

 From (my computer running cd Linux) # ping -I usb0 we get 
message "Host Unreachable"

When I run iwconfig from freerunner terminal get the following:
"lo no wireless extensions
usb0 no wireless extensions
eth0 Ar6000 802.11g……….."

"/sbin/route" from freerunner gives me no ip addresses at all.

I do have the full qwerty keyboard on freerunner so I can in theory 
enter all characters needed if I don't shake too much.
So if I could get my "ssh" back I'd be a happy camper. Cheers John

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